Jagat PRIVATE ITI College is committed to preparing its students to work, acquire skills and enlarge their capacities that equip them adequately to live in rapid changing global environment.We are committed to higher standards of teaching and practical knowledge to the students.The students of this institution has not only shown their abilities and competence within the country but some of them are also shining abroad as well.
Our humble attempts is to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of trained professionals and we are confident that we shall be able to maintain the high standards that the industry expects from us.
The word ‘millennium’ has begun to lose its shine. To me, it’s just a time frame. Recognizing and managing shifting paradigms, albeit with the help of the enormous leaps of technology, is the need of the hour. In my humble opinion, there are very few gospel truths in the field of management. Theories that snugly fit into one framework today become obsolete the day after. Today, intense competition and increasing end-use assertiveness force businesses to drastically cut down their response time. Prove or perish, that is the call of the day.
Meeting and measuring up to the emerging challenges is the prime function of today’s managers. To do this, they require keen perception, flexibility and the ability to merge management theories into action plans. Slicing through management jargon, this is one area that has to be practiced on a moment to moment basis. The secret is to have a global perspective, while at the same time be keenly perceptive about local conditions. Needless to mention, today’s management practitioners must be comfortable with the latest technology and be sensitive to the importance of ethical and human values.